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About CCC

Clients bring their unusual and thorniest problems to CCC because of our unique problem solving approach. Clients also like CCC's ability to solve their day to day challenges. Recent projects at CCC range in size from equipment sizing to multi-million dollar environmental remediations and plant expansions.

The common thread running through all CCC projects is our core commitment to technological leadership, our total project cost minimization and containment strategy and our team based quality management approach to engineering solution generation. All of this is accomplished within our larger framework of providing total client focused stewardship of the entire engineering and implementation process.

CCC understands the interrelationships between production, environment, and Health and Safety. Challenges in all three of these areas can be solved by sound chemical and environmental engineering in a cost effective manner.

CCC treats its client's challenges as if they were its own and draws out the best from the project team (client, CCC, vendors, regulators, etc.) to achieve successful projects. Building quality teams is especially important when interacting with regulators and public on environmental projects.

CCC's staff has a history of excellence. CCC brings together doctorates, Professional Engineers, plant managers, and certified hazardous material managers (CHMM) into a cohesive team. In addition to extensive industrial experience, CCC's staff have held top positions in professional organizations such as the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and the Academy of Certified Hazardous Material Managers (ACHMM).

CCC has a top flight team of professionals ready to work for you.

Firstly, CCC's staff excel in the core competencies of the process and environmental engineering disciplines. Secondly CCC can draw upon specialized engineering expertise through its network of contacts. Thirdly, CCC has relationships with suppliers of new and used processing equipment which speed delivery and lower project costs. Finally, CCC maintains pilot/treatability lab capabilities providing our clients a design edge.

CCC's team covers the process, environment, and project management spectrum. We leverage  our central staff through managed, contracted, outsourcing relationships to provide as little as a few hours of consultation up to turnkey engineered solutions including detail design engineering, drawings, civil, mechanical, electrical, etc. Our core of process/project engineers draw upon resources as needed, when needed, where needed...You pay only for services you really need...not huge overheads.

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