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Chicago Chem Consultants Corporation

Engineering and Consulting Services Performed

CCC was founded on a commitment to provide unparalleled client focused stewardship of the entire engineering and project implementation process. The firm is structured to specifically address a broad spectrum of process and environmental engineering needs.

Chemical Process Development, Design & Implementation
Modern facilities need to match environmental and health and safety needs with production. CCC employs a "Design for Environment" approach to chemical process design -- the result of years of practice in the environmental, chemical process design, and plant operations field. Our process designs take all three into account up front and optimize engineered solutions using modern life-cycle analysis techniques. Our practical engineers MAKE IT WORK RIGHT - RIGHT NOW, while designing intrinsically safe systems focused on worker health and safety. Services provided include:

  • Chemical process design and development
  • Process equipment specification and Sizing
  • Plant expansion and Revamps
  • Project management and Construction coordination
  • Startup and Troubleshooting
  • Pilot Studies
  • Product development


Environmental Engineering

CCC provides a full spectrum of environmental engineering services from

CCC can do this as it has a rare blend of regulatory expertise and chemical engineering know-how. Whatever the media and whatever the contaminant, CCC can help.

Equipment Evaluation, Selection, and Troubleshooting
Frequently smaller projects revolve around the selection of one major piece of equipment. Often cost or availability of that major piece of equipment that drives a project. That's why clients frequently look to purchase used equipment and need assistance with knowing if the equipment is appropriate or sufficiently large. CCC can assist your project by:

  • Evaluating used equipment
  • Specifying new equipment
  • Providing chemical process development/design/implementation
  • Performing Pilot Studies

When your existing equipment is not working properly, CCC can troubleshoot it, or assess the need for expanding or replacing it.


Safety and Environmental Services

Production, environment, and safety should do more than just co-exist. All three should function as a team. CCC can harmonize the three areas as its staff includes experienced and accomplished plant managers, developers of the Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) training program, and licensed professional engineers. Services performed include:

  • Environmental permitting
  • Process, safety and environmental training
  • Safety and environmental plans, reviews, and audits
  • Hazop studies
  • Procedure writing
  • Process safety management (PSM)
  • Environmental, process, health and safety, and business reviews of property transactions, financing, and investments involving industrial facilities.



CCC provides a complete package of services from identifying the cause (or disproving a cause) to eliminating the cause with engineering improvements and better procedures. Since most of CCC's engineers have backgrounds in both production and research, CCC has the combination of problem solving skills and real world experience necessary for this kind of work.

  • Forensic engineering
  • Investigation of product failures and industrial accidents
  • Expert witness and testimony
  • Process Design and Improvement
  • Procedure Writing and Training
  • Other Legal Services


Energy Management and Engineering Services

With the rapid rise of energy costs and uncertain availability of energy supplies, many companies are looking to reduce their energy costs. CCC can help your energy management program from conception to implementation with the following services:

  • Audits
  • Best practices implementation
  • Peak shaving
  • Material & energy optimization
  • Heat exchanger networks
  • Novel combined cycle heat and cooling integration

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