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Chemical Process Energy Management and Engineering Services

With the rapid rise of energy costs and uncertain availability of energy supplies, many companies are looking to reduce their energy costs. CCC can help your process energy management program from conception to implementation with the following services:

  • Audit chemical process and environmental systems
  • Identify waste process energy sources and sinks
  • Design system process energy upgrades
  • Source and procure energy reduction equipment
  • Recycle old equipment
  • Material & energy optimization
  • Heat and cooling exchanger networks
  • Novel combined heat and power (CHP) and cooling integration cycles
  • Pump and Piping System Flow Evaluation


…. Mechanical Vapor Recompression, Stirling Engine, Dessicant Cooling, Adsorption Wheel, Multiple Effect Evaporator, Variable Frequency Drive, Production Cycle Timing….

What's Your Favorite Process Energy Conservation Tool…. Let Us Know

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