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CCC 2006 Project Highlights


City of Chicago Department of Environment - Selected to assist in evaluation of chemical manufacturer of highly hazardous material that City was concerned with regarding OSHA and EPA regulations.

Existing Boiler Control Product Manufacturing Safety Review - Assisted national equipment manufacturer in evaluating and identifying safety aspects related to relocating manufacturing facilities to a different, existing facility. Met with staff to identify and address project safety requirements and review proposed new location.

USDOE National Lab High Energy Particle Study Engineering Support - Provided mixing, blending and technical quality control evaluation for this project using large quantities of liquid. Coordinated and translated quality controls specification for product and assisted in identifying manufacturing and transportation of products.

Bio-Diesel Study - Assist client in process review of proposed technical upgrades to address glycerin production, project included simulation and other separation calculations, equipment specification and pricing

Review of $200 Million Waste to Energy Incinerator - Typical technology and economic feasibility review of incinerator for other applications.

Skid Mounted Mixing and Blending - Assist client in scoping and development of equipment to blend products that are 90-95% water and 5-10% active ingredients. Located equipment vendor to construct private label skid mount units, assist in translating technical requirements and meetings between client and vendor for this international producer of sanitation equipment.

Fertilizer Company Technology Development - Located Toll Manufacturer and assisted in all phases of technical contracting of new fertilizer. Coordinated regulatory submittals for USEPA Pre-manufacturing Notice (PMN) as well as Chemical Abstract Service registration (CAS) for new chemicals.

Food Wastewater Dissolved Protein Recovery - This ongoing project involves recovery of edible proteins from process water. Initial efforts were aimed at developing scope of potential separation processes including filtration, evaporation, ultrafiltration and centrifugation. Cost of new equipment will be balanced against waste receipts and increased sale of recovered product.

Forensic Engineering Litigation Support for Defense - CCC provided key engineering root cause analysis regarding the cause of leaking acid railcar. Client: Major international chemical manufacturer counsel

Forensic Engineering Contaminated Electronic Liquid Analysis Equipment - Determined root cause of failure of highly sensitive electronic test equipment involving liquid phase micron range particle analysis, electron and photo microscopy, electrical conductivity and particle micro-chemical analysis. International Client

Litigation Support for Plaintiff - Legal support in civil litigation case related to past federal criminal activities also supported by CCC. - Client: National technical organization legal counsel

Air Stripper Design Support - Simulation study of landfill air and steam stripping treatment system, compared to vendor hardware and related regulatory permitting report for national landfill.

Environmental Wastewater Discharge Authorization Review (DAR) - Assist client in verifying pretreatment system upgrades against P&ID for PE sign off with Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWR-GC).

Plant Expansion Requirements Review - Assist national medical related manufacturer in developing scope of activity for planned plant expansion. All aspects of process and safety reviewed.

CCC treats its client's challenges as if they were its own and draws out the best from the project team (client, CCC, vendors, regulators, etc.) to achieve successful projects. Building quality teams is especially important when interacting with regulators and public on environmental projects.

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