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Bernard Wendrow, PhD, PE
Senior Associate


Over 50 Years of demonstrated technical expertise and project management as chemical engineer in refining, chemical, environmental and academia. Novel industrial research R&D focused problem solving experience. Extensive chemical process engineering, process development, equipment selection and design experience.


- URS (Formerly Woodward-Clyde)
Consultant, 1993-Present,
Senior Process Engineer, 1990-1993

- Northwestern University
Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering,1984-1991

- Exchange National Bank
Technical Consultant-Data Processing Manager,1970-1978

- North American Rockwell
Senior Research Associate, Manager, 1961-1969

- Union Oil Company of California (UNOCAL)
Senior Process Engineer, 1959-1961, 1951-1957

- Petroleos Brasileiros (On UNOCAL Leave)
Professor of Chemical Engineering, 1957-1959

- Mathieson Chemical Corporation
Senior Process Engineer, 1950-1951

- Pacific Carbide and Alloys
Company, Process Engineer, 1942-1943



XDX Innovative Refrigeration
Thermodynamic and fluid mechanics validation of innovative refrigerator/air conditioning expansion valve device to improve evaporator coil heat transfer.

URS - Woodward-Clyde
Dr. Wendrow joined Woodward-Clyde with nearly fifty years of experience in industrial research, process plant design, and teaching. His principal functions are to evaluate pollution control remedial methods, develop process flow schemes for these methods, and select and design equipment and control systems. He was appointed Air Pollution Control Practice Leader for the Great Lakes Area of Woodward-Clyde. Since joining Woodward-Clyde, Dr. Wendrow has participated in the following projects:

Air Pollution Control. Armour Pharmaceutical Company of Kankakee, Illinois, requested Woodward-Clyde to design a facility to remove and control amines and hydrogen sulfide odor forming compounds from the effluent gases from two wastewater aeration ponds. As project manager and process engineer, Dr. Wendrow designed a gas collection system and an air-water packed tower scrubber to chemically remove the odor-forming compounds. The plant was placed in operation in October 1992, and is performing successfully.

Dr. Wendrow was appointed project manager for a project to identify, package, and remove chemicals from a facility formerly used as a research laboratory.

Pumping System. Dr. Wendrow performed the process design for self-priming sump pumps for a French drain system to remove groundwater and pump it to a treatment system.

Process Wastewater System. Rhone-Poulenc of St. Louis, Missouri, required an evaluation of an existing wastewater sewer system and a process design for a water treatment system including bioremediation to treat the process water. Dr. Wendrow was in charge of the design phase of this project.

Process Wastewater System. Dr. Wendrow performed the peer review function for a system designed by Woodward-Clyde to treat process -wastewater from a plant that manufactured aluminum products.

Process Wastewater System. Wolverine Coil Co. near Detroit, Michigan needed to upgrade its process waste water system to meet discharge standards and also replace some obsolete equipment. Waste waters resulted from acid washes of steel coils, neutralization, and cooling waters used to cool hot product exiting painting chambers. Dr. Wendrow designed the basic process for treating the wastewater, and reviewed the final system specifications and drawings.

Groundwater Treatment System. As project manager, Dr. Wendrow was responsible for the internal inspection, cleaning, and rebuilding the entire groundwater remediation system for a chemicals receiving and loading facility. The system included equalization, a bioreactor, an inclined plate clarifier, an air-water stripper, and a flow metering system.

Process Wastewater Systems. Avon Cosmetics has asked Woodward-Clyde to design and/or critique the designs for its process water treatment systems in its cosmetics manufacturing plants. Thus far two plants, one in Argentina and one in Jakarta, have been evaluated with respect to process flow and technology. Woodward-Clyde has given its recommendations for process improvements where deemed advisable. Dr. Wendrow has been chosen as Woodward-Clyde process design reviewer for all the Avon installations.

Superfund Sites. Dr. Wendrow has performed treatability studies and process design for soil treatment and groundwater treatment for four CERCLA sites to date

Reviewed safety features of a national gas treatment plant that removes hydrogen sulfide from the gas by liquid phase absorption, and then converts the hydrogen sulfide to elemental sulfur.

Inspected and certified the installation of a chemical process waste water storage tank.

Completed preliminary and 60% process design, material balance, equipment selection and sizing, automatic control instrumentation, and cost estimate for a Superfund groundwater treatment system.

Northwestern University
Previous to his work with Woodward-Clyde, he served as an Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering at Northwestern University, where he taught senior level design courses in chemical process design and was Director of the Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Laboratories.

Pacific Carbide and Alloys Company
Dr. Wendrow started his career as a process engineer for Pacific Carbide and Alloys Co. He was assigned to the design of a calcium carbide plant using a continuous electrode electric furnace, and a processing unit for converting the calcium carbide to acetylene.

Mathieson Chemical Corp.
After receiving his Ph.D., he accepted a position with Mathieson Chemical Corp. as a process development engineer. This work involved inorganic chemical plants producing sodium carbonate, ammonia, nitric acid, and sodium nitrate.

Dr. Wendrow spent several years in the research department, building and operation a pilot-scale fluid catalytic cracking unit. Assisted UNOCAL's process engineering division in design and startup of a number of refinery units including:

- crude and vacuum distillation
- butane elemental sulfur recovery
- waste gas collection systems
- catalytic desulfurizers and reformers
- waste water stripper
- lubricating oil blending plant
- an oil field natural gas separator
- design of a Klaus process to produce elemental sulfur from hydrogen sulfide gas

He was the process and project engineer for a complete plant for the manufacture, packaging, storing, and shipping roofing asphalt. Dr. Wendrow conducted field testing and then designed a system to recycle hydrocarbon vapors from service station UST's back to the gasoline delivery truck, using dual concentric hoses. He was awarded an U.S. patent for this design.

During a two-year leave from UNOCAL, Dr. Wendrow taught petroleum refinery design courses for Petroleos, the Brazilian national oil company, at the University of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro.

North American Rockwell, (now Rockwell International)
Dr. Wendrow was a senior research associate, later becoming a supervisor and manager. He was in the Environmental Control Systems group, working on manned spacecraft temperature and atmosphere control systems, including closed ecological systems for long-duration flights. He was involved in the preparation of the technical proposal for Project Apollo, and proposals and conceptual ECS systems for Advanced Apollo, Skylab, space stations, and the currently used Space Shuttle.



Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, 1950, University of Texas

MS Chemical Engineering, 1942, University of Washington

BS Chemical Engineering, 1941, University of Washington


United States Navy, 1943 - 1946


 Registered Professional Engineer (Illinois, California)


Dr. Wendrow served for seven years as a member of the Environmental Control Commission of the City of Highland Park, Illinois, including two as Chairman.

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