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William L. Holley, P.E.
Senior Chemical Engineer


25 Years of demonstrated technical expertise and project management as chemical engineer in oil field production, medical device manufacturing and FDA manufacturing settings.

Extensive experience in Project Management, Design, Installation, and Start-up of Chemical Process Equipment, P&IDs, Plant Layouts, Pilot Plant Design, Bulk Chemical Storage & Loading, Piping Design, Pumps, Batch Reactors, Hazardous & Corrosive Chemical Handling, Class I Div. I Elect., Instrumentation & Control, PLC & Honeywell DCS programming, Boilers, Compressors, Process Waste Water Treatment, Glycol Chiller System, Facilities Maintenance & Management, AutoCAD, MS WORD, EXCEL & PROJECT, Supervision of Mechanical, Electrical, & Construction Contractors, Solid Process Automation Experience, Familiarity with OSHA, NEC, EPA regulations., PSM, GMP, ISO, FDA


Proctor & Gamble/The Gillette Company, North Chicago, IL 1990 - 2006
Mid-size ISO 9000 certified manufacturer of bulk detergent and anti-perspirant actives (batch and continuous processes). Filled various engineering positions as required to meet company needs:

Responsible for management of Capitol Projects ($1,000 - $1.5MM) including budget estimates, AFE preparation, design, equipment specs, installation, contractor selection & supervision, budget control, startup & operator training. Also responsible for engineering support for new product R&D (pilot plant and process equipment scale-up) and programming support for plant-wide Honeywell DCS. Initiated and completed numerous cost saving projects, implemented numerous equipment installations and re-configurations for new product introductions. Excellent track record of delivering successful implementation on schedule & budget.

Responsible for maintenance and engineering support of all plant equipment and supervision of plant maintenance staff (8), and department budget of $1MM. Supervise contract electricians, pipefitters, etc. for various plant improvement projects. Provide process engineering support and process troubleshooting. Re-organized asset management system, implemented OSHA-compliant (PSM) mechanical integrity program. Implemented new Computerized Maintenance Management System. Managed departmental staffing changes that have resulted in significant improvements in productivity and teamwork. Initiated various cost saving and safety related improvements. Facilitated the safe and efficient (24/7) operation of the entire plant with minimal downtime.

Hollister Inc., Libertyville, IL, 1986 - 1990

Manufacturing engineering support to medical device manufacturing processes. Provided corporate level support to plant improvement projects and new product manufacturing implementation.

Dowell Schlumberger Inc., Evanston, WY 1980 - 1986

Working with major oil company engineers on Wyoming drilling projects, I was responsible for technical support, sales, and design of oil & gas well cementing and stimulation treatments.


AP Solution Capacity Increase: Working within a team of engineers & chemists, I analyzed an existing batch reaction process and proposed modifications to reduce batch reaction time from 18 hours, to 11 hours. I presented to management and the proposal was accepted. Changes were implemented successfully. Project cost: $250,000

Powder Processing Plant Increased Production: Due to increased demand, existing powder plant could not keep up during high humidity conditions. After thorough evaluation, I re-engineered the existing ductwork, adding automated valves and VFDs to fans for control of air flows, so that existing dehumidified air could be recycled. Avoided major addition of dehumidification capacity and eliminated humidity as an issue for this process. Project cost: $130,000

New Product Blending Operation: Project Manager for installation of 6000 gallon SS reactor. Found and evaluated a used SS reactor, planned & managed installation. Refurbished & converted two existing bulk storage tanks. Designed & managed piping installation, nitrogen blanketing system, process controls, bulk truck loading facilities, and Honeywell DCS programming. Project cost: $300,000.

Anti-Perspirant Raw Material Cost Saving: Managed design and implementation of process equipment to utilize new raw material for AP manufacturing. Process involved dry material (supersack) handling, batch reaction, bulk storage and transfer, and necessary automation using Honeywell DCS. Project cost: $450,000

New AP Salt Process: Designed & managed installation of new 3000 gallon glass-lined reactor on weigh cells, 12,000 gallon FRP bulk storage, heat traced & insulated piping, heat exchanger, pumps, instrumentation, mass flow meters, and innovative dry material charging system. All equipment was designed for CIP and validated for FDA compliance. Project cost: $800,000

New Clear Anti-Perspirant Process: Co-managed the design, construction, and start-up of a new anti-perspirant manufacturing process. Because of limited resources and tight schedule, I shared responsibility for implementation of the process with a Sr. Project Engineer. We divided the workload and worked "from both ends" to expedite the implementation. The process involved vacuum distillation, mixing, filtration, heat transfer, and transfer to truck loading terminal. My primary role was to manage the installation of four heated 12,000-gallon FRP storage tanks, truck loading terminal, and all necessary pumps, valves, and heat-traced piping. Also designed and implemented automation for truck loading and instrumentation for system monitoring. Project cost: $2,200,000

Facilities Management: As Plant Engineer, I was responsible for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the maintenance department. The department was audited for effectiveness (AMIS) and received a low score of 29. I managed staffing changes, hired two new mechanics, and improved productivity and teamwork. I implemented an effective plant-wide equipment ID system, an equipment document filing system, and applied effective project management to the annual plant turnaround. I implemented a CMMS system, and implemented a spares inventory management system. Our final AMIS audit for maintenance effectiveness resulted in a world class standard score of 85.

Maintenance Support: As Plant engineer, I was responsible for maintenance, troubleshooting, & continuous improvement of all plant assets including glass-lined reactors, heat exchangers, filters, pumps, blowers, utilities (steam, air, process cooling, HVAC), Honeywell DCS, instrumentation, ISO calibration program.
Annual budget: approx. $1,000,000

Glass-lined reactor replacement:
Damaged 3000-gallon Pfaudler reactor body needed fast-track replacement to minimize production downtime. I managed necessary resources (contract mechanical, electrical, & in-house labor) for complete replacement from a very tight location in 9 days.
Project cost: $110,000

New Steam Plant: Managed the design and construction of a new steam plant to supply all plant facilities and process steam requirements. Oversaw outside engineering services for building and system design. Designed and implemented complete system instrumentation using the plant-wide Honeywell DCS system. This plant operates completely un-manned, 24 hrs per day, and has met all reliability and cost-saving requirements. Project cost: $1,500,000

Process Automation: Implemented Honeywell DCS to connect various plant instrumentation to existing plant-wide control system. Project cost: $110,000

Pilot Plant: Designed, implemented, and supported pilot-scale processes for batch Organic Syntheses reactions. Equipment & processes included batch reactors, liquid-liquid extraction, distillation, drying, and filtration. Project cost: $200,000

Process Waste Water Treatment Plant Automation: Managed start-up & de-bugging of new process wastewater treatment plant. Designed and implemented instrumentation and controls (Honeywell DCS) for the automation and monitoring of plant. This plant now operates 24/7 with minimal supervision. Project cost: $120,000

Plant Cooling System: Managed the change-over of all plant and process cooling from a once-through city water system, to a recirculating Propylene Glycol system. System included installation of new chillers and plant-wide distribution and storage system. Designed and implemented PLC controls to automate batch reactor heating/cooling cycles.
Project cost: $500,000

Acid Vapor Recovery: Working with vendor, designed & installed fume scrubbers to eliminate HCl, CSA, and Ammonia fuming from bulk storage tanks.
Project cost: $100,000

Bulk Storage Tanks: Managed the installation of two 12,000-gallon FRP storage tanks with containment dike and associated pumps and piping. Project cost: $360,000

Waste Water Treatment: Working for Hollister Inc., I designed a flocculation/separation process for removing adhesive residue from process wastewater.

Miscellaneous: Numerous projects requiring implementation of various flow, level, temperature, and pressure instrumentation and controls for process improvement. Converted many pumps and fans to variable speed control (frequency drive) for process improvement and energy cost savings.


BS Chemical Engineering, Michigan State University, 1980, East Lansing, MI

Registered Professional Engineer (Illinois)

Snow skiing, Sailing, Golf, Certified Scuba Diver, Parenting my teenage son

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